We readily acknowledge that a trip to the veterinarian for a pet owner can be a stressful event for pet and parent. Yet we all know that pets require medical care in order to live long, healthy, and happy lives. We believe that Veterinary Care of Cuba can provide you with the “Best Care for your Best Friend.”

We are a 2 doctor, small animal practice. What sets us apart from others is that our doctors and staff like to emphasize the sensitive side of veterinary medicine. Proper medical care is imperative but we believe kindness, thoughtfulness, and understanding of individual circumstances goes a long way to establish a good doctor/client/patient partnership.

Our hospital protocols were developed to ensure the best experience for our clients and patients. For example, when you call our office you will speak with one of our team members and be greeted with a “Good Morning” instead of a recording or “Please Hold.” We appreciate your calls and want to meet your needs.
Whenever possible, our doctors feel that pets convalesce best at home with frequent progress calls from a team member. It is also very common for clients to receive progress calls directly from the doctor.

We believe that our client’s time is valuable, therefore, we do not double book appointments. If we are behind schedule, it is most generally due to an unplanned emergency.

These are a few areas of insight into the inner workings of Veterinary Care of Cuba. We welcome new patients every day and are so grateful and thankful that our clients are willing to trust us with the care of their four-legged best friend and family member.
The best care for your
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