24 hour emergency service is available for our “established” clients. We are part of a local 4 practice emergency on-call rotation. Simply dial (585) 968-0205. When Veterinary Care of Cuba is responsible for the emergency hours our answering service will answer your call. They will contact the doctor immediately regarding your emergency. The doctor will return your call ASAP. It is always helpful if you are ready and waiting for the return call.

When Veterinary Care of Cuba is not responsible for emergency hours another veterinarian in our group is available for your emergency. Dial (595) 968-0205. Our answering machine will give the name and telephone number for the doctor providing emergency service. Call that number and they will assist you.

Please note that when the doctors are providing emergency after hours service their respective hospitals are closed and the doctor is taking calls from their home. If the emergency requires hands on attention they will gladly meet you at their hospital.
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